Tips on Using the Last Day on Earth Hack Download APK

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LDOES cheats Features

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Useful Tips & Tricks for Last Day on Earth Survival

Last Day on Earth represents a game where you concentrate on being an online arena where any user is a star and in turn, the game attempts to be a secure environment for teenagers and children playing creating a fun and safe atmosphere in this social avenue that is the LDOES game. In particular, this game is accessible to both iOS and Android users on either tablets or phones.

Playing the last day on Earth can be difficult at first. This is because you will need to try and survive a lot of elements in the game. You will need to survive hunger, thirst, zombies and even other types of enemies. So there is a lot to learn if you want to survive in the post-apocalyptic world of the Last Day on Earth. And these tips are going to help you set up a base, craft gear and of course survive zombies!

Look at the recipes

If you click on the crafting menu you will see a thousand things to make, and in all of them, you will have the necessary materials. But additionally, we have prepared a recipe guide, not to know how to make a stonemason’s table, which already comes in the crafting menu. If you do not to know where to get all those necessary materials, from the pine plank to the thick fabric. You will need it to make weapons, clothes, food, constructions, etc.

Learn about the different enemies

You will have to face many types of zombies, and you will also have to hunt animals like wolves and deer. So there is also an in-game guide for you to know the weapons and techniques you will need to defeat each one.

Be careful of your weapon damage

If you want to know which weapon to use for each occasion, you will have to take into account its damage, but also its damage per second. So take a look at the weapons tutorial where it will be explained how really well each one is and when it should be used.

There are vehicles that you can ride in the game.

There are several means of transportation in the game. All of them very complicated to unlock. But each one will give you something different, or it will allow you to reach different places. So take a look at everything you need to get them and start building those that are currently enabled.

Take note of where you can get resources

In the groves, you can get pine wood and limestone. And on the cliffs you can find some limestone, iron ore and wood. Although in both sites you can get between 2 and 4 chests with additional materials.

Both places have 3 difficulties: green (easier), orange (intermediate) and red (difficult). It is not recommended that you go to the reds because there is an enemy that at the moment is impossible to overcome. You will need to try and remember to gather resources because these are essential. For example, you will need to try and obtain wood to create a campfire or stove wherein you can cook food. You can also use those resources to try and craft weapons to kill zombies as well.

The character can die for several reasons so you have to be vigilant.

First of all, obviously a zombie or another person can kill you. So let’s be attentive to the life meter, the green bar on the top left because you can always run.