Tips on How to Permanently Remove Deleted Browser History

Virtually all contemporary web browsers make a record of the sites you’ve visited. This might be useful to you whenever you need to revisit a website but don’t remember the address. Even though you might have deleted your browser history to guard your privacy, you might still be able to permanently delete your browser history by adopting some of the methods on Recovery techniques are useful if you want to check out the websites visited by your children.

Searching Data Files

  1. Click on your Windows orb, then click on “Computer”
  2. Type “index.dat” in the search bar, then press “Enter”. If there are no results, type in “history.dat” in the search bar, then press “Enter”. The two data files contain cached information from your web browser, with the history. The files are not usually properly cleared when the history is deleted through the browser.
  3. Double-click on a file, click on the option that says “select a program from a list of installed programs”, and then click “OK”. These files can usually be viewed with Notepad or Notepad++, but it’s also possible to view them in Excel, depending on how you save the data.

Tips on How to Permanently Remove Deleted Browser History

So what’s the idea about deleting browser history when you can’t completely erase them? What’s the purpose behind it?

Here’s a little background as to the importance of deleting your browser history, even if you can’t completely delete them at once.

In the early days of March 2017, CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer announced that she would forego on her annual bonus together with her annual equity grant of the year and then redistribute it to the employees of the company. She then embraced its pay cut as part of taking responsibility of a number of security breaches that happened under her tenure. The incident happened way back in the year 2013 wherein it involved data heft linked with over one billion users of Yahoo.

There was another incident as well back in the years 2015 to 2016, wherein the saw hackers have broken in to the systems and then stole the proprietary code that is related to the use of cookies for Yahoo. This code has allowed the attackers on forging cookies for the 32 million users, thus allowing them access on the accounts of the victims without the need of a password.

The cookies are tools together with the browsing history helps the web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome to speed up the browsing sessions of the users. But the incident of Yahoo just illustrated to you that the cookies can also be taken advantage of. Attackers can steal user information using cookies and then access to any user accounts.

Here are clear reasons why you should delete your browsing history:

Logging in an account through a public computer

There are times when people find the need to browse the web or just log in your email for a while using the public computer. When you do, the last thing that you want to happen is when the computer remembers the login credentials or even keep copy of the websites that you had visited. This is why there are certain public computers systemized to delete all browsing history of the previous user. It is best that you remain anonymous and delete your browsing history just in case.

Websites are tracking you

This is something that you don’t want to happen all the time. Every internet user loves to browse the web, but what you really do not like is the websites remembering who the users are, especially you. You do not want third-parties to start following you around the internet. Deleting your browsing history will make it more difficult for these websites and many other entities to follow and identify you.

Browser is slow

Web browsers save data through cookies. These cookies are saved as data in your hard drive. Although they are very small in size, but over time when you keep browsing the web, more cookies are accumulated and the data size becomes bigger. The volume of cookies will affect the performance of your computer. Deleting cookies and your web cache will help your browser run faster.