Final Fantasy A New Empire Tips and Tricks

On stepping into the realm of Final Fantasy A New Empire, you will notice that a huge kingdom is already being superintended by you. It is important that you complete every assignment that the game presents to you. The tutorial section of the game is more about lining your pockets with resources and ensure that your buildings are leveled up on time. Fortunately, you may not need to fret too much about the monsters attacking you while being introduced to the game. You will be kept safe by the 24-hours Empire barrier.

Ensure that your Citadel is leveled up

The Citadel without any doubt is a very vital building in the game; it gives you an overall report of your empires advancement and continued production. By leveling up your citadel, you ensure that the production of your Metal, Energy, Gil, and Food will improve over a period. Upgrading your Citadel will new building to be unlocked just so you can place them around your empire, and there is the probability that you may be offered a gift in exchange for this effort

Open up your Secret Gifts

The chest floating above the recommended bar is where your secret gift can be found. After they the chest is opened, you will have to be patient before some new rewards can be selected. It is advised that you keep close attention on that cheats because you may just lose ownership of a very important speed up item

Connect Your Facebook Account

If you have a friend that is playing the Final Fantasy A New Empire game, you can request a referral from them. This will ensure that you acquire a wealth of resources so also when you have the game connected to your Facebook account. Without being receiving a referral, you can still have your account connected to Facebook. If per chance your friends did not send you a referral invitation, you can still have your account linked to your Facebook account and earn various rewards, which is your access to your personal Gold Mine. Constructing your own Gold Mine gives you the power to receive Gold and recruit more Facebook Buddies.